Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

I’ve waited to write. It’s gotten even worse!

To all in Jefferson County government at all levels: If you expect to be treated civilly, then act CIVILIZED! This applies to all races and genders. All elected or appointed positions.

You wanted the privilege of office. With that came responsibility to the electorate. All privileges enjoyed by any of us carry responsibility.

The Arkansas State legislature has, without intending to do so, done a very great favor to Democrats and Independents. Many “knee jerk” Republicans I’ve talked with are revolted with what they’ve done. They ran on small or less government then proceeded to implement personal religious agendas in laws that are unwanted and not necessary. They have made their Church Covenants into laws as nearly as was possible for the rest of us to obey, whether or not we’re their kind of believer.

The “knee jerk” Republicans I alluded to are Democrats who are and always have been racists at heart. They’d rather vote for Republican religious fanatics and Big Business’ puppets before voting for a well educated and fully American black man as this country’s leader.

When Obama is out of office most of them will revert to voting Democrat as they’ve long done before he ran.

When the people of Pine Bluff get a spine and call racism what it is in those victimized by it as well as those poor benighted souls of both races who practice it — your city has a chance to thrive again. NOT UNTIL!

Karl Hansen