Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

There are some of us here in the city of Pine Bluff who are very concerned that our University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, an HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities member) is insinuating that we live in a post racial society! We know that isnít the case by any hallucinations or wishes! Our minds have really been transformed for the worst if we think in the arena of a post racial society in this century! We will eventually arrive there, but we havenít according to the time.

Shall we focus on this point? If we live in a post racial society, why is there no perfect/equal distribution of wealth to the people here? Letís compare our diseased society to the human body? When the human body receives equal distribution of proper nutrients from eating a healthy meal, the body is equally balanced and functions properly. If it doesnít, the body becomes diseased and then the heart becomes diseased. Then the liver is diseased, the pancreas and the kidneys. When the aforementioned organs are damaged, this causes damage to the heart. So our society is compared to the human body when the wealth isnít equally distributed among the people causing all types of chaos, such as robbery, murder, jealousy, envy, hatred and racism.

Therefore, the society is diseased, just as it was in the book of Samuel when Eliís sons where taking the best of the offerings for themselves and giving the minimal of what was left to the people, and God was not pleased. So if we live in a post racial society, why arenít we producers? Why are we consumers making others wealthy? I know we live in a post racial society!

Barbara Blunt Muhammad

Pine Bluff