Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

I’m sure that a recent editorial was enlightening to some in your readership. Remember when it was illegal to sell whiskey to American Indians? Just some more bigotry propagated by moralizing “experts” who were preachers or politicians generally. As in present day society, they are quite often both!

Roy Ockert’s column made sense this time too. Like the present Republican David Sanders who’s face is often seen raising the dickens about “criminals running loose,” most of his sort want what they want. They just don’t want to pay for it.

Law enforcement at any level is not cheap. If it is done properly it WILL be paid for. I have stressed many times in this publication that there is nothing free in this world. To encourage anyone to think otherwise is a fool’s errand. You want the best school teachers? Paying them the wages of refuse collectors, expecting miracles from them while not requiring respect and obedience to them by your children is abject stupidity!

The schools won’t be fixed until parents resume the responsibilities of decent parenting. Intentions are laudable. Actions by the responsible folks are effective!

Marijuana is not available as a medicine because the patient can then grow his own pharmacy. He can’t be jacked up by the giant corporate drug companies who now have us by the throat. The common folk have known this for years. Yet the preachers and the pill sellers keep using it as a cudgel to control folks they view as some sort of inferior beings. The Constitution was PRINTED ON MARIJUANA (hemp) paper!

What do we expect to see with our heads buried in the sand?

Karl Hansen