Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

I have never submitted a letter to the editor, but my heart was so touched by what I experienced this past Saturday that I needed to say something. I was a part of a group gathered at Saracen Landing to pray for our city. There were flyers posted and Facebook posts made announcing “A City on Our Knees” a prayer time for the city of Pine Bluff. What a blessing it was for me to join with others and pray for certain issues such as violence, addiction, widows and orphans, our children, our leaders, etc.! I was so moved. The Lord’s presence was so prevalent.

However, my heart was saddened that only about 29 people showed up. I drive through Pine Bluff and see marquee signs at the local churches reading “Pray,” “Pine Bluff Needs a Revival,” etc. and it makes me wonder where people are that know our city is in dire need of change. People come out by the hundreds to participate in events such as the gumbo cook-off and Smoke on the Water, but only 29 people showed up at the very same place to petition God to reign over our city. Something is wrong with this picture.

I have been blessed to travel internationally about four times on short-term mission trips. On those occasions, I felt the powerful presence of God at work in and around us as we shared His word. I can honestly say that God’s presence was just as strong at Saracen Landing. I only wish more of my fellow citizens had been there to experience it.

I challenge everyone reading this to pray for our city. Watch for the announcement of the next “A City on Our Knees” meeting. I believe you will be blessed!

Holly Sutton-Humphrey

Pine Bluff