Editor, The Commercial

Editor, The Commercial

Recently I have received plenty of positive acknowledgment of my opinions in your paper. There have been some, however, that have expressed an opinion for me to site more corroborative sources.

I am appreciative of all the comments. I must remind however, that my opinions, at least to me, are based on common sense and my intellectual heart, and that I or anyone else for the most part can find corroboration for just about any position taken.

I truly believe that corroboration is nice, but common sense thinking is better. I mean a kitty cat and lion are both cats… but, you don’t try to feed a lion with a can of Puss N Boots, calling here kitty, kitty … and expect to come back with your life and limb!

You don’t have to have, and shouldn’t have to have, any corroboration or statistics to convince you of that!

Adell Adams

Pine Bluff