Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

We constantly hear a cry of foul from conservatives and tea righters that many of them are being overtaxed for the benefit and support of the less fortunate i.e., paying for food stamps, health care etc. But, most are remiss in placing the blame for these high cost on the poor and downtrodden, instead of realizing and acknowledging the reality all these high cost are generally the result of living in a shared society.

I too feel that we are being taxed out the wahzoo! Is it all done fairly? Probably not! We donít have a perfect system, but we have the best there is.

Some of our bigger problems are government waste (didnít start with Obama) like the Pentagon paying a thousand dollars for a toilet seat, a hundred dollars for a nail etc. Thus shrinking our tax base. We continually support politicians who keep this lunacy going. Itís called the Nero Fiddling Syndrome!

If we donít subsidize/ support our own unfortunates by making sure the coming generations donít go hungry and have some semblance of the American Dream (i.e., prosperity), things are only gonna get worse, not better.

A lot of people shrug this off. Weíll hire more police (or deal with it through other means) they say. Yep, we could, but thatís gonna take more taxes and resources. And on, and on, and on! Itís best we take a look at this realistically and realize that so much of it is just the cost of living in a shared society.

And I wish the conservative, tea partying, far righters would stop bellyaching about problems that they help to create and continually support.

Adell Adams

Pine Bluff