Editor, The Commercial:

Alderwoman Thelma Walkerís comments are appalling.

After I read Alderwoman Thelma Walkerís response to the mayorís veto of legislation that would require the patrol division of the police department to move to the armory, I was completely appalled.

My question to the Alderwoman is, how can you infer the mayor isnít doing her job when you havenít attended a single town hall meeting?

The people of Pine Bluff spoke loud and clear on Nov. 6, 2012. Believe it or not, Debe Hollingsworth is our mayor. The councilís focus should be Pine Bluff and not bitterness, ignorance and hate. I hope Alderwoman Walker and her counterparts put the needs of the people first or the people will surely find someone who will.

Jeffrey Neal

Pine Bluff