Editor, Commercial,

Editor, Commercial,

I have read the reports on the “miracles” that schools are expected to perform. I’ve read what appointed officials are “going to do” to fix it all.

All preceeded by school boards that were dysfunctional, run by apparent self-centered bullies. Then comes the one man band replacing the school boards and appoints saviors to work the required miracles infallible of judgment — or so some think.

No one deals with the obvious — and until they do, the above is an exercise in futility!

It will offend some folks, but here it is : As long as parents don’t teach respect for teachers, self respect and self responsibility to their kids — you’ll have what you now have. Truth hurts and it’s natural to shrink from it at times. Until problems are defined and root causes dealt with, they can’t be solved.

Throwing money at it hasn’t worked. Blaming teachers proved to be erroneous. Teachers can’t teach unwilling and unmotivated students. Big Money interests behind ” Education Reform,” funded in large part by the Waltons, are pushing open enrollment charter schools. No transport is provided, depriving the most needful students of access. The Big Shots refuse to address that aspect altogether. Kids with no resident father and uneducated mothers are on shaky ground!

Either the culture producing this will change, or we’ll have a generation of poverty stricken people who have no way to rise out of that. If you don’t want to be controlled, then learn to control yourselves or it will be done for the survival of the populace as a whole.

Note that in all of the foregoing, I have not alluded to race. We ALL have this problem.

Karl Hansen