Editor, The Commercial;

Editor, The Commercial;

My questions are still in motion for our newly elected Mayor Debe Hollingsworth! Truth isn’t being told to us! Why throw a rock and hide your hand? What five (5) people did she meet with to terminate the police chief? And on what grounds did she have to terminate her? She has never worked with her before, does not even know her! Can she provide us with inadequate evaluation of her since she terminated her on January 1, 2013 at 2:05 p.m.? Remind you that is when she was sworn in as mayor. She held no office before then.

Passed by a black church that has a marquee that reads “NEW MAYOR” “NEW DIRECTION.” Where is this pastor’s NEW DIRECTION? Can he find it? I wonder what will a man accept in exchange for his soul? I think quite a few pastors need to be asked that question! Can you hear it being whispered all over town? The pay for the vote! This mayor had no reason to fire the police chief other than hearsay, and most who were talking never attended a city council meeting. Just a lot of innuendos and propaganda! Abuse of the office of mayor!

Why skip over the assistant chief of police? I forgot Ivan Whitfield is black; yet she says race has nothing to do with it. Why did she hire an interim chief from Lincoln County who is caucasian? Check this out: She is also talking about getting rid of the fire chief who is also black!

There is a dead cat on this line. We need to wake up! How can you turn against your own? Do they turn on their own for you? Repeat your history by you!


Barbara Blunt Muhammad

Pine Bluff