Editor: The Commercial:

Editor: The Commercial:

If the writings of Barbara Blunt Muhammad were not so pitiable, they would be amusing if understandable. Then again, she gets to impress everyone with her knowledge of big city urban slang so why not. I have a hard enough time keeping up with handshakes.

Muhammad (bless her heart) is a pathetic racist trying to keep the relics of skin color-based decisions alive; probably with the encouragement of a few others thriving on the Theory of Victimization. What is scary is the woman believes much of the crap she sprouts.

She did not complain when a black mayor fired an effective and respected white police chief. Did not complain when a black mayor hired an out of state black interim police chief rather than promote Whitfield; hired an out of state black police chief rather than promote Whitfield; and hired a black fire chief that (allegedly) did not meet the advertised job description supervision experience requirement over a better qualified white candidate. But now Muhammad is complaining because a white mayor did the same thing at the request of black voters.

She is the black version of Orval Faubus standing in the doorway of city hall trying to slow down inevitable progress ó against the wishes of the black majority of Pine Bluff voters. Apparently she didnít get the memo when hiring is done as required by the Civil Rights Act of 1967, skin color does not automatically qualify you for a job even if you are black.

Pine Bluff voters of all colors and races sent a very strong message on Election Day. May I respectfully suggest the next step is to take steps to counter those few trying to turn back the clock. Speak out publicly, write a letter to this paper, stand up, and be counted.

Stuart Soffer

White Hall