Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Iíve disagreed with Steve Chapman before. He got it right in his Jan.10th column! The facts given there put the lie to Republican candidate Rick Santorumís claims. He is only one of many religious fanatics in this country, and we sure donít need one for President! Is it not strange that the Bible Belt is where most of what they consider degenerate living occurs?

Here is where one of the local preachers was ignorant enough to assert that pigs were in the Jewish stable where Christ is said to have been born! Really?

He put that in a ministerís column in this paper during the Holiday season. When the ignorant lead the ignorant, where is it going to lead and where will it stop? Eight of 10 people in this country donít know the history of the very Bible they profess to believe. As one old lady was heard to proclaim, ďIf the King James version was good enough for Jesus, itís good enough for everyone else!Ē

Is anyone surprised that our churches are the most segregated of our public places at this late date in this country? How many people can tell you accurately what Socialism actually is? How many folks know how this countryís government is supposed to work, let alone how it actually does?

Bribery has been legalized in our elections by a recent ruling of the Supreme Court when they made corporations legally citizens and money was ruled free speech in any amount they wish to contribute !

Karl Hansen