Why must everything be about race? Thelma Walkerís son said the city only wants the taxes it is owed because he is black and Walkerís son. I guess only white business owners should have to pay taxes.

Everyone should pay what they owe. He is not to be exempt because he learned racial excuses at his motherís knee.

Ms. Walker berated the mayor for going on a mission trip. Yet, she never attends Town Hall meetings.

The mayor is not perfect, but she is trying to do what is best for Pine Bluff.

Thelma Walker and Glen Brown do their very best to be disruptive and watch Pine Bluff do less and less for its citizens. Without change people will continue to move out of Pine Bluff. And those of us who live outside of the city will choose to shop in Little Rock instead of Pine Bluff.

Rules are for everyone.

Gini Holt-Aiken

White Hall