Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

There is an idiom that says “Let bygones be bygones,” which is to let the past stay in the past and reconcile. I am choosing to reference this statement to the article on Feb. 20, regarding former Pine Bluff Chief of Police Brenda Davis-Jones.

Each week, the Pine Bluff Commercial prints a list of individuals who have filed for bankruptcy. However, I have never viewed or seen a bankruptcy article published in the Commercial similar to the article printed regarding the financial status of Davis-Jones. A person has the legal right to file bankruptcy when not able to repay debts owed to creditors. Therefore, I am appalled at such attention and details noted regarding the former chief’s personal matters.

We will never move Pine Bluff forward by holding grudges and bringing up one’s past. How can information such as Davis-Jones’ bankruptcy status help our city? We are in need of jobs, more grocery stores and businesses that will contribute to the economic growth of our city and turn this city around. We must forgive and move forward from the era of Davis-Jones.

Pine Bluff was a city that once thrived and IT CAN again. We cannot rebuild our city on unforgiveness, bitterness or racism. We must get back to community involvement and mentoring our youth, as well as combating crime. Team work will make the dream work.

In the words of Sun Tzu, “There is no instance of a country (or in Pine Bluff’s case, a city) having benefited from prolonged warfare.” Yesterday is gone!

Let us now forget those things that are behind us, and let us press toward the future of Pine Bluff.

Bishop Shirley A. Sanders-Senior Pastor

Greater Deliverance Global Ministry

Pine Bluff