Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

The Pine Bluff black electorate must elect a black mayor to retain a seat at the table, because the only power blacks have is political power, and there is not a white in this race that has stood with blacks against oppression and racism when whites had the majority in this city.

Now whites want blacks to support them for mayor, but when whites had the majority they never elected a black for mayor and there were black candidates like Roosevelt Walker, Robert Handley, Jesse Turner and J.C. Jeffries that were shoulders above the white candidates, but the white majority elected a less qualified white every time. Now the white community expects blacks to develop amnesia and forget how they were treated. I can forgive, but forgetting is off the table; whites donít forget and a prime example is how the Jewish community reminds us not to forget the atrocities that Hitler imposed upon them and I agree with them.

So, the black community has six blacks to choose from; donít even consider Carl (The Dictator) Redus; he is a black oppressor like Idi Amin (who was also a cannibal) and I suggest you get behind one like I have. I support Peter Daniels.

Also be aware of blacks supporting whites that are only eligible to run, but not qualified to govern. I must be honest; I could support a white for mayor of Pine Bluff, but she is not in the race. She is Brenda Gullet, who I supported in 2004 against Carl (The Dictator) Redus. Donít forget your history; elect a black mayor.

Jack Foster

Pine Bluff