Editor, the Commercial:

Editor, the Commercial:

Speaking only for me, when I wrote “administering elections in the county,” the meaning was encompassing from county-level down to school districts including incorporated municipalities. Surely, Adell Adams cannot be as naive as her retort would have you believe.

Municipalities schedule elections. The election commission conducts those elections. The election commission does not tell a municipality when to schedule elections; state law does. Conversely, a municipality does not tell the election commission how to conduct an election; state law does.

For an election commission to inject itself into a municipality’s affairs, as Ms. Adams wrongly insists should have occurred, is inappropriate. In addition to Municipal League lawyers, the city could have asked the secretary of state. Had officials asked for our advice, we would have asked the secretary of state to lend a hand. We always help those who ask. In this case, no one asked.

What Ms. Adams also fails to comprehend is municipalities are not subordinate to the county, and they do not fall under the county for oversight unless a violation of law is involved. The election commission already ensures “elections are carried out throughout the county in accordance with state laws;” that is what we do. Scheduling an election and the corresponding term of office has absolutely nothing to do with conducting an election.

Lastly, the only “commission of responsibility” I’ve avoided lately was changing a full diaper on the newest grandbaby, and that didn’t last long. Ms. Adams should get her facts straight before casting aspersions on conscientious public servants who take extraordinary measures to “do the right thing” even if it means changing a few diapers.

Stuart Soffer

Election Commissioner

White Hall