Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Mr. Carl Redus says he’s not bitter about not winning the election, but his words sound rather false, as he is putting the blame on others instead of the fact he just didn’t run as good a campaign as Mrs. Hollingsworth. She ran a clean campaign and beat Mr. Redus hands down. He claims racial bias, “racial bias.” Really, Mr. Redus, how can you have the nerve to claim that after eight years of the most racially motivated city government this city has ever seen. You also claim the Pine Bluff Commercial printed unfavorable things about you. Just truths and you supplied the fodder with your outrageous antics at the debates.

The reason we had so many candidates for the office of mayor wasn’t to divide and conquer, but because they wanted you out of office.

Mrs. Hollingsworth ran the best campaign and worked the hardest to get her ideas for change for the city across to the people. Not because she had any unfair advantages. She worked very hard and so did her campaign workers. She appreciated each and everyone of us. We appreciated the opportunity to work for change, and we will continue to do so.

Your dictorial way of running government is not the way the free people of America want to be governed. We want a city government that works for the people, not against us.

We salute you Debe Hollingsworth for a job well done.

Mary Jo McCord

Pine Bluff