Editor, The Commercial I saw where Catholic bishops warned that voters’ souls were in danger if they voted for folks who disagree with the Pope. I don’t recall them threatening child-raping priests with such a fate. Nor did they threaten Catholic authorities with loss of their souls who protected those pedophile priests among them from exposure and prosecution. What’s WRONG with this picture?

There are folks who would readily take the Constitutional rights away from those who must rely on “welfare” at some point in their lives. Their thinking seems to be that folks who are responsible for lives in their charge can be required to be drug tested — so those who must feed their kids at taxpayer expense deserve the same regard by their benefactors, and those benefactors are their neighbors. Let’s paint everybody with the same brush, regardless of what brought them to misfortune. Just what they need — SOME MORE HUMILIATION!

Would we wish such treatment for ourselves if we were in the shoes of those unfortunates? For those ” Christians ” among those wishing to punish “welfare takers ” — HE said, “For as much as ye have done it unto the least of these, ye have done it unto ME”! Can you reconcile your attitudes with HIS admonishment ? If the shoe fits, wear it!

Karl Hansen