Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

I just wanted to ask the mayor why in the world would anyone go elsewhere looking for a new police chief when we have the best already. Mr. Jeff Hubanks knows all about our city and is very capable of handling any situation that comes up.

It seems that every time we have an election of any kind, people want to go outside to God knows where to get someone we donít even know, so why this time? Look what happened last time when we got a police chief? Boy, wasnít that a bummer? Mr. Hubanks has already done more than that other chief would have ever done.

Same with our new mayor, Debe Hollingsworth. She has really brightened up our city. She is doing a fine job and has already done more than we could have ever expected. Keep up the good work, Mrs. Hollingsworth. We pray for you daily. Keep Mr. Hubanks.

Claudia Clark

Pine Bluff