Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

After reading and hearing opinions from the media and citizens of Pine Bluff, I decided to accept them for just what they are, opinions! Leadership in itself is a difficult responsibility. Because the Bible says we should, I pray for all those who have the courage to embrace it. Our new mayor executed her first authority in that position by making good on a campaign promise to fire Chief Brenda Davis-Jones.

Hollingsworth was elected to fulfill the will of the majority, and based on the comments I have heard and read she was successful. I am left to wonder if, when she starts to make those constructive kinds of decisions, she will be met with the same support. I also wonder if the good people of Pine Bluff will actually reach out to help facilitate the change so desperately needed.

Also, I would like to appeal the reporters of our newspaper and other media not to be so tabloidish in coverage of these events. I was very disappointed as I read the article about Davis’ termination. I actually had to look at the front of the paper to make sure my newspaper man did not mistakenly drop off a copy of the National Enquirer! The paper stated Jones “was seen removing items from her office.” The article went on to say she “squealed her tires” as she left. I just do not see where any of that was relevant and found it quite embarrassing as it was being read aloud at my job outside of Pine Bluff. I understand the Commercial has an obligation to appeal to its readers as well, but if this is the kind of information that sells newspapers, I think Hollingsworth will be needing our prayers even more.

Kathy L. Richards

Pine Bluff