Editor, The Commercial

Editor, The Commercial

The ICVR will work to address any attempt by this mayor to stop the November election should the issue go before a judge.

Our first action is to ask all candidates running for city office to sign a petition that can be used in court if needed.

ICVR believes Mayor Redus’ selfishness is inflicting irreparable harm to all of the city candidates that are listed on the November ballot.

The Interested Citizens for Voter Registration Inc. finds it outrageous that Mayor Redus would purposely suppress critical voting information regarding the city election process in order to allow him two more years in office.

Therefore, ICVR calls on the mayor to publicly state when he knew of this law and what was the reason for not informing the voting public before agreeing with his attorney to get an opinion from the Arkansas Attorney General.

The candidates have been qualified and people of Pine Bluff deserve the opportunity to vote for new city officials in November 2012. Any attempt by one candidate, regardless of his present office, to revoke that right or aid in the revocation of that right, less than 90 days from the election day is discriminatory and retrogressive. The information in the census is two years old and could have been addressed earlier. This type of manipulation is indicative of the challenges that have an impact against minorities; it is an example of people seeking to alter the rules for their own benefit and quiet the voice of the people.

Derrick Newby Sr.

ICVR president