Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

An idea leads to a phone call to a friend, Mr. Carl Watson, which led to an introduction to a new friend, Mr. Richard Grimmett. It was just that easy to get the ball rolling for the 2012 Rodeo Parade tribute to honor Sgt. Michael Strachota.

Sgt. Strachota’s 3-year-old son, Will, served as a proud Parade Grand Marshal. Will and his mother, Lauren, along with family members and friends were escorted down Main Street by an impressive group of motorcycles and their riders.

These men and women, most of whom I have never met and will never know all their names, paid tribute to this family. There was no compensation, no trophy, no prize money to be won; they were there because they knew it was the right thing to do.

They came from all walks of life to show appreciation to the wife and son of a fallen hero.

For each and everyone involved, no matter how small the part you played, Thank you. No request for help went unanswered, no recognition was needed.

There were no name tags, no official roster, just good people doing a good thing.

Thank you to everyone involved.

Rob Cheatwood

2012 Rodeo Parade committee