Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

A few weeks ago I forwarded you some photos of Hall of Famer Willie Roaf when he visit with the ninth-grade football team at Jack Robey Junior High School.

I traveled to Aurora, Colo., for training this week and one of the parents called me bright and early Monday morning to inform me that you had run the article in the Monday, October 29, 2012 edition. So I called back to Arkansas and had my mom go down to the Commercial and pick some extras up so that I could pass them out to the team.

Thank you so very much for running this; the boys were proud and grateful!

This group of boys was undefeated their eighth-grade football season at Robey as well as their ninth-grade season at Robey. Roaf coming by was an added bonus!

We also appreciated all of the coverage that Jack Robey received during this football season in the Friday editions of the PB Commercial.

Again, thanks,

Tiffanye Compton

PTO President

Jack Robey Junior High School