Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

According to the paper, the city had a gathering of ministers to oppose gay marriage. Several were quoted as to what they say the Bible teaches.

I don’t presume to tell anyone what he or she MUST believe. There are enough “blind guides” and private agenda-pushing preachers who are equally as much politicians among us now. I simply suggest they all, as well as interested readers, read Ezekiel, Chapter 16, verses 49-52 . It plainly states what the sins of Sodom were — and it wasn’t what most folks have been led to believe by some ignorant, but influential folks who’ve taught them.

Ask your preacher to show you any reference to a church wedding or a minister performing one in the King James version of the Bible. Simply NOT there.

Where are the “Wedding vows to God and the spouse” so long and widely touted as Biblical by most preachers? Again, NOT there.

“What God has joined” does not mention any man doing it for Him, nor required for it. But if your agenda is to control others and compel their adherence to your personal religious beliefs — then I guess you’d feel OK about not telling your congregation that lots of customs we follow are not in Scripture.

Also that the U.S. Constitution is what we, as a nation, follow and live by nationally. And that the Bible as guide is an individual choice.

You can be led by those who can’t or won’t tell you where in Scripture their teachings are found. Or you can question what anyone, including this writer, teaches and quit being manipulated and used by others. If your pastor can’t or won’t show you where Scripture says what he’s teaching, perhaps a new preacher is needed!

Karl Hansen