Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

No one ever wants to go to the hospital emergency room, but when you need it, it is a wonderful place to be. Of course, one never knows what will await you there because accidents often pile up, and it often seems like chaos.

Recently though, I needed to go to JRMC emergency room following a bicycle accident. It was the eve of the Fourth of July and not at all what I had planned for that holiday. When I arrived, there were already various accidents and illnesses preceding me. But my history was taken and my immediate needs were met by minor cleaning and bandaging preliminary to my wait to see a doctor. All attending personnel were kind and interested.

When my name was called, I was to witness professionalism, interest, kindness and ability at its very best. After extensive washing of the wound and x-rays, it turned out that I needed surgery for my injury and would have to spend the night. Consequently, I came into contact with all levels of emergency room and hospital staff. I am not able to remember all the people who attended me but to Kellye, Jackson, Bo, Matt, JT, Dr. Hansen, Mr. Hedden and Dr. Schrantz, I am deeply grateful to you and others for your treatment of me and my wound. Because of your expert care I should make a full recovery.

The treatment I received at JRMC was top level. We are blessed to have a hospital of this quality for Pine Bluff and surrounding areas.

Jacque Walker

Pine Bluff