Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

This is in reference to your editorial of 28 July regarding the Pine Bluff Animal Control:

First let me say that I hope and pray that what you said in the article will come true and not just end up being a bunch of words on paper. While I am very glad that Chief Jeff Hubanks and Lt. David Price have taken an interest and an active role in making the needed improvements to the “dog pound,” there are a lot of organizations out there that are willing to help or guide them in a positive way.

I live in the county and someone dumped two puppies nearby, and they ended up at my house. So I called the animal shelter and asked if I could bring the dogs to them. I was told no because I lived in the county. I ended up taking them to a “no kill” shelter in Little Rock, and they were eventually adopted.

I had a boxer when I lived in the city of Pine Bluff. Someone opened the gate to my backyard and he got out. I put the word out to all vets and to the animal shelter. A little over a week later, I went back to the animal shelter. The girl there said they had no information. I later learned that my dog had been put to sleep because they thought it was a pit bull.

I am hoping that the rule against taking in animals from the county will be abolished and all animals will be welcomed, and that they won’t ask for money to turn the animals in as most of us don’t have it. If that were to happen, then I would gladly help. I would help with fundraisers and seeking donations, etc.

Karen J. Moore

Pine Bluff