Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Two recent events let even the gloomiest patrons know that with effort positive things can happen in the Pine Bluff area.

First, the White Hall School Golf team has an allocated budget of $600 for the year. With that limit, many parents and local people decided to host a golf tournament to help raise money so the team could travel. With the can-do attitude, it was a grand success, yielding $13,000 in profit to be used by the team. Volunteers and merchants had the spirit that it could be done and it was. Hats off to Mrs. McNulty and her team.

Second, White Hall Wellness Center Halloween Carnival! Wow, I cannot imagine the hours of volunteerism it took to make a nice, smoothly run, clean family activity. Again, people, vision and cooperation made something any town would be proud of happen. JRMC and hundreds of volunteers, thank you for a third birthday my granddaughter, Eevi Bliss Talbot, will never forget.

Unfortunately, I will have to come up with something impressive for next year to even closely compete

With the holidays here, take time to become the one that has the positive attitude and make something happen for someone. It does not have to be $13,000 or an event that entertains thousands; one person helping one family and the holidays will be much better.

Beau Talbot IV

White Hall