Editor, The Commercial:

For the couple of years I was fortunate enough to work in Pine Bluff I would always hear people talk about JRMC as if it were something considerably “less” than a quality hospital. It seemed as if, when people would talk about any situation where a visit to the hospital was required, they’d be headed to Little Rock. So, when my sister needed to have an emergency appendectomy and the choice was given to us as to where we wanted to go…I’ll openly admit that we made the choice of JRMC simply as it was closer to our home and easier to drive to. It was not a decision entirely based on confidence.

From the moment I walked through the doors, however, my thoughts about JRMC instantly changed from one of “I heard this” into “I experienced this” and what I experienced was nothing more or less than a great hospital.

From the surgeon to the nurses all the way down to the cafeteria workers and janitorial staff, every single person I came into contact with at JRMC was professional, kind, courteous and determined to do all that they could to help my sister along in her recovery.

I could not have asked for anything else - except, perhaps for my sister not to have had her appendix go nuclear - and I am confident that as the days and weeks go by that my sister will be back to full health shortly and that has everything to do with the care she received in Pine Bluff.

Thank you JRMC for being there and thank you for helping save my sister’s life. Pine Bluff is lucky to have such a quality institution in its midst.

Michael Jones