Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

This afternoon I watched the independent film “The Story Book” and am so glad I went to see it. It is filmed in and around Pine Bluff and it was really cool to recongnize various people and surrounding areas.

I came out, saw Arinitra Chandler and immediately out of my mouth came a stupid statement: “It is like we have a movie star in Pine Bluff!” What I was thinking was “Those were great short stories.” Seems I got “star struck”.

“Freebie,” written by Devlon Chandler, put me in mind of the old TV series Twilight Zone. It was about the issuing of free phones and what happened because of it. It is still coming to mind five hours later. I also liked the washing of the hands.

“Karma,” written by Arinitra Chandler (as well as “Let’s Go on a Date” and “Baggage”), was another one I really got into while it was showing. What comes around goes around is so true.

I am proud to see their beginning endeavors and hope to watch them grow through the years. Also I want to thank The Pines mall Cinema 8 for having the premiere there.

Janyth Shaw

Pine Bluff