Editor, The Commercial

Editor, The Commercial

I read an article Dec. 6 by Roland S. Martin entitled “Obama should fight G.O.P. for Rice” on the editorial page. I am fed up with it being called G.O.P. politics if you question Ambassador Rice.

Ambassador Rice has a lot of questions to answer. John McCain is a former military POW. He knows what it means if your country doesn’t have your back. Why won’t President Obama and Ambassador Rice tell the American people why the people at our Embassy were not given help when they needed it. When the Red Cross and the British left, why did the Americans stay? When the attack happened, why weren’t our people given backup? President Obama and Ambassador Rice need to answer these questions. Rice spoke on behalf of the United States and addressed the United Nations. She represented our country. So these statements had to come from high up.

My sons’ job in the military was to protect our Embassy and rescue American hostages. Twice I received calls saying my sons were not expected to live. They were in helicopter accidents when they trained to rescue hostages. They spent many months in the hospital, but their buddies that took their place were killed.

We need answers. Who is going to have our military’s back? People still are at our Embassy’s, they need to know we will be there for them when they need back up.

Rice can go on television shows but she can’t tell Moms like me the truth. It is not politics; it’s life and death. When you call questions being asked Rice “politics,” what are you saying to the military that your lives don’t count?

Marge Rittenhouse

Pine Bluff