Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Kenneth Osburn, the man accused of killing Casey Crowder, is in the process of being re-tried for the crime. I followed this story when it first happened and through his trial. From everything I read in the papers concerning the case and the television news coverage of the investigation and the trial, I still canít understand how he was ever tried for the crime, much less convicted of murder.

First, the investigators didnít have any physical evidence tying him to the crime. The only way he was even tied to the crime was because his truck was seen on a store surveillance camera. Why wasnít every type of vehicle that passed by the camera tracked down and those drivers arrested?

Second, his alleged confession occurred only after the investigators took him to a sheriff-electís house, and one of the investigators was alone with him in this shed. Third, the investigators admitted driving his truck to the crime scene while he was in jail, flying over in a plane and taking a picture of the truck at the crime scene, and then doctoring it to make it look like a satellite image to try to persuade him to confess.

I donít know Kenneth Osburn personally, but I find it troubling how it appears that a man was wrongfully accused, tried and convicted of murder and is spending time in prison while the investigators, who clearly committed a crime by altering photos in an attempt to gain a confession, arenít in jail. I hope justice is served when Kenneth Osburn is tried again, because from what I have seen and read, I think the wrong person is in jail for this crime.

Brandon Carter

White Hall