Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

In response to inquiries, the following information is provided as a public service, and I should mention the subject matter does not fall under the election commission.

To recall an alderman in a City of the First Class elected to a four-year term, a petition containing signatures equal to 25 percent of the registered voters in that alderman’s ward on the day of submission to the county clerk is required. Alderman within two years of term expiration cannot be recalled.

Four Pine Bluff Alderman are subject to the recall statute at this time; and they are (with the number of needed signatures for a recall election petition as of today) Ward 1 Holcomb (1,759); Ward 2 Boyd (1,614); Ward 3 Brown (1,740); Ward 4 Stepps (1,319). All signing a recall petition must be registered voters of the ward involved. The county clerk verifies signatures and the recall issue would be on the November 2014 General Election ballot.

The other four aldermen/women are up for re-election (if they choose to run and prevail in their Primary Election) on the same ballot.

When obtaining petition signatures, it is always a good idea to exceed the minimum number required to make allowances for invalid signatures.

Stu Soffer

White Hall