Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Where are the facts in the Aug. 19th article “Critics say Redfield mayor has created turmoil”? Some people blame the city’s mayor for divisions in municipal government, but where are the facts?

The Commercial contacted four people that circulated the recall petitions and they had some interesting statements, but where are the facts?

Courtney Cooper stated “Lawhon did not obtain council authorization before approving some actions, citing the purchase of lights for the baseball field.” Fact: The Council voted on the lighting project three times, Feb. 1, April 5th, and April 14th 2011. Another Fact: Ms. Cooper circulated a petition to recall the mayor of Redfield, and has every legal right to do so, but she leaves out the fact she doesn’t live in the city and cannot vote on the recall she helped get on the ballot.

Steve Hygail stated: “It was obvious that Lawhon favored a raise and ended up with a salary hike.” Fact - the Mayor refused $5,000 of the raise and the City Council voted to cut the mayors salary an additional $5,000 on Feb. 6th 2012.

Steve Carmical, a city alderman’s husband, stated, “He (the Mayor) is trying to claim this is a police department versus fire department thing.” Fact: No department has done without one piece of equipment or had any request denied since the 2012 budget was passed.

Alderman Carmical claims she had nothing to with circulating a petition to recall the mayor. Fact: Her husband was circulating the petition and she knew everything about it, or else her husband kept one big secret.

Fact: Redfield is growing. Stop all of the gossip, the lies and half-truths. Please tell the whole story. The mayor can defend himself. I choose to defend Redfield.

Darrell Hedden

Alderman, Redfield