Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Reading in the newspaper that the city collector was reinstated did not surprise me.

Considering who was voting, it was a predictable outcome.

Alderwoman Thelma Walker thought the mayor had “disrespected” him by expecting him to do his job. Just as Ms. Walker’s son was “disrespected” when he was required to pay his taxes.

The firing was not racial, but the reinstatement certainly was.

I have spent my working life believing that you are to perform the job you were hired for or face termination. Unless, of course, you claim you are being disrespected.

Perhaps Alderman Glen Brown can claim something similar about his alleged violations of election ethics. But anyone reading about Mr. Brown’s antics as a councilman already knows he has no ethics.

Gini Holt-Aiken

White Hall