Editor, The Commercil:

Editor, The Commercil:

The Joys and Jubilations of the recent Holiday Season were shattered by the tragedy of the senseless slaughter of innocent children and adults in Colorado and New York. Our hearts were made to bleed in agony and confusion as the anxious anticipation of planning for first dates, college, weddings and grandchildren, were sadly and suddenly replaced by funeral preparations.

While the families will and must remain in the minds, hearts and prayers of this nation, this nation must face up to the stark harsh reality that there is a problem in this nation of monumental proportions. While elected officials, state and nation, ponder the complexities of gun control, the real problem is heart and mind control.

While gun control represents manís feeble attempt to control from the outside in, and can best be described as the proverbial pound of cure, real change must come from the inside out and it starts with the heart. Gun control, executive proclamations and legislative actions represents manís legalism, (rules and regulations) but the real answer is genuine (agape) love , and that message must come from the almighty God, through The Church, to all mankind.

The Grass Roots Christian Citizens Coalition is calling for the Church, the Ekklesia, the called out one, starting in Pine Bluff, to come together across racial lines, across ethnic lines, across denominational lines, away from the lights, the cameras and the microphones, to take the good news, the gospel to people where they are in order to lift them up where they belong.

For then and only then will we truly become in the words of Jesus Christ himself, Matt 5:13-16 ďThe salt of the earth and the light of the world.Ē

Grass Root Christian Citizen Coalition

W. H. McFadden