Editor, The Commercial

Editor, The Commercial

This letter is addressed to the person who shot my cat.

I realize that not everyone likes cats and dogs, and the choice to have a pet is a personal one. I would have never seen myself as a cat person until this beautiful white cat “adopted me.”

What a joy it was every morning to start my day with something waiting on me. It gave meaning to my life, and the love I got in return was just an added bonus.

Just recently, kittens came to join us — and I loved seeing the fluffy white balls of fur, and how sweet she was to her babies. This cat needed me when she first came, but I came to need her as well.

As people age, we come to understand how precious life is — all life. These small creatures are dependent on us for their lives, and God expects us to take care of all of his creatures.

Finding this poor animal suffering was horrible, and … to find out that this suffering was caused by a deliberate act, was heart-wrenching. I think the absolute senseless nature of this act makes me worry even more about the compassion — or lack thereof — of the person who did this.

I hope that in some way, this letter will make the person who did this stop before doing something like this again. Remember, all of God’s creatures deserve to live — and it should be His decision as to when we live and when we die.

And think about the pain you caused to the people who have lost a companion. This animal was harming no one — what was done was a needless act. And the pain it has caused will last for a long time.

Jimmie Lee Nichols

Pine Bluff