Editor, The Commercial

Editor, The Commercial

Life in Pine Bluff teaches us Simmons First National Bank is, and has been for years, the economic backbone of our community. If something good is accomplished in our city, the economic support can always be traced back to Simmons First National Bank. We never have to look hard to see the results of Simmons Bank’s involvement in our daily lives.

The Pine Bluff Convention Center involved the concept and drive of Simmons Bank’s late president, Hal Davis. The Southeast Arkansas Art Center would not be here if not for the leadership of Simmons Bank board member Adam Robinson. Countless numbers of scoreboards and signs at most athletic fields have a Simmons Bank brand courtesy of Simmons’ marketing officer Robert Dill. The coach of a ball team or the civic leader of an organization many, many times is a Simmons Bank employee.

Saracen Landing honors the memory of the late Louis Ramsey, another Simmons Bank president. Simmons corporate leadership has been under the capable watch of J. Thomas May for several years. Tommy spearheaded the drive to bring UAPB Athletics into the modern world with an impressive football stadium and athletic field house.

My obvious point I am trying to make is if we see something in Pine Bluff we like and enjoy, it has the handprint of Simmons Bank all over it.

Now it is announced that in the near future leadership of Simmons Bank Corporation will pass to Pine Bluff businessman George Makris. George has a long history of supporting our community with the assets of his business, MK-Distributors. With this announcement comes a sigh of relief that our community will continue a quality of life with the leadership of another outstanding individual representing Simmons Bank who loves Pine Bluff.

Bob Smithey

Pine Bluff