Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

Sometimes I wonder if city council meetings are worth having I read the articles concerning the meeting on Monday, Jan. 7, 2013. Tell me and the voting citizens what did Mayor Hollingsworth do that was different than what the former mayor did? John Howell was hired over, I would imagine, many qualified Pine Bluff police officers.

Who stepped up for the assistant chief then? And then the former mayor repeated the same action by firing Howell. He then bypassed qualified officers and hired someone outside our city and state, bringing in someone it seems he knew personally. I believe the former chief is gone not because of her sex nor skin color but because of the many negative situations.

Who stepped up for assistant chief Ivan Whitfield then? I agree, Whitfield has been given a raw deal. I do not agree with the mayor’s decision to hire someone over the assistant chief or any other qualified employee of the PBPD whether they are black, white, Hispanic, etc., male or female. Whitfield says he wanted to be interim chief, but now he does not want the position. Whitfield , do not make that statement again. Fight for what, I believe, you deserve and hopefully what you believe you deserve.

The people made their choice; now deal with it, but I really pray and hope that the color of one’s skin is not the deciding factor. If so, we have already been set back.

We (the people) wanted a change. The former mayor and police chief are gone. So thank you for that, Mayor Hollingsworth. But if you come into office making the wrong decisions like you did toward the Pine Bluff police officers, the meeting on Monday night told you what to expect.

Wilma Reynolds

Pine Bluff