Editor the Commercial:

An associate pointed out that in my 28 July letter regarding Karl Hansen’s incorrect claims about Benghazi; I called the president a liar. The offending comment was in the sentence, “A letter or column is not necessary to disparage this president, his actions, lies, and cover-ups do it for him.”

While I have nothing but contempt for this president because of his policies and leading from behind, not his skin color, as a retired Army officer it was inappropriate for me to refer to him as a liar because he is also “the Commander in Chief.” That gives him the right, as many witnessed on television, to have a U.S. Marine combat veteran in dress uniform stand in the rain to hold an umbrella over the president while he held a press conference in the rain on the White House lawn.

I should have referred to “the current administration” with regards to the lying and/or cover-ups. I apologize for that oversight.

Stuart Soffer

White Hall