Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

St. Joseph Catholic School (SJC) in Pine Bluff will begin classes today. A meet and greet event was held recently for the current students and parents to meet the new staff, and it was a great success.

God is truly amazing. He provided enough pledges and donations for Bishop Taylor to give SJC a year of grace. The donations were all so heartfelt and the community was so generous. The donations ranged from $50 to $15,000, which was from a local family. The trust and obedience to God that this family showed made a profound impact on the Save SJC Committee and the community. Their gift encouraged and motivated us with new hope, faith and trust that all things are possible with Godís help.

Then God opened the door for us to hire Ms. Alexandra Pritchett as the new principal. Alex has done a phenomenal job in recruiting new teachers, staff and students. So many people in the diocese, St. Joseph Catholic Church and the community stepped up and said yes to Godís call. SJC is so grateful and thankful for all of those that supported us with their time, talents, donations and prayers. Because of Godís inspiring power for justice, goodness and truth and his love for all children to be able to come unto Him, 170 years of excellence in Catholic Schools Education will continue to make a difference in Pine Bluff and Jefferson County. When the SJC school bell rings today, I know in my heart that God will be smiling and blessing every child that walks in its doors.

Your prayers and donations are welcome and needed. Donations can be sent to St. Joseph Catholic School, 1501 W. 73rd Ave., Pine Bluff, AR 71603. (870) 540-0413

Sandra Taylor

Save SJC Committee Chairperson