Editor, The Commercial

Editor, The Commercial

Over the weekend, I met a young lady who is homeless with four small children in the Walmart parking lot.

Her son was holding a “Homeless” sign.

As we stopped to talk to her, she began to tell of her struggle. Her oldest son told us how he knew that everything was going to be okay because God would take care of them, that he knew that God was sending people to help.

Their faith was so strong, and they were so humble.

I am writing you to say that it saddens me that the city of Pine Bluff has no resources for situations like this one; we are limited to places like the Salvation Army and Neighbor to Neighbor.

She stays in the Salvation Army at night, but has to leave early in the morning and can only return at 6 p.m.

In the time between, she’s outside with her children.

This is the time for our local churches to get involved and help. We talk about crime rate and taking our city back.

This is a way to start — by helping those in need. I understand those that have been burned by solicitors and those that are hustling to buy drugs or whatever, but I see it like this: If you give from the kindness of your heart, it is not for you to worry about what they do with it.

There are some that are so quick to say what they will do. Well, let’s start today and do it — help those in need. I know she’s not the first, and I’m sure she won’t be the last.

But at least we can start somewhere.

Sharon Collins

Pine Bluff