Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

The Pine Bluff School Board is an embarressment to the city of Pine Bluff. When are they going to get back to the business of teaching the children, which is the main purpose of the school district.

This board has made it a point of being argumentative. It seems that nothing or no one is right or acceptable. It is no wonder that teacher morale is so low. There are no positives happening in the district. Everytime we read an article in the paper, it is negative. We can only imagine what goes on in private sessions.

We talk so much about crime and the bad things young people are doing. We talk about Pine Bluff and how we are looked at nationwide. Well, it wasn’t crime; it was PBSD’s board and its mess that started this year.

What kind of examples are you setting for our young people? All the fighting and arguing needs to stop.

Brother Horace, you need to be a president and stop being a “yes” person to everything Sis. Barnes and Sis. Johnson say. Mr. Payne, my heart goes out to you. You are going to need much prayer this journey. I am a retired teacher and I do hope that each of you board members would look deep into your hearts to see if you could speak or act in a way that you can stop hurting people’s feelings.

Remember your day is coming and God is holding you accountable for every act, especially how you treat the people you are responsible for.

Stop the fighting and start communicating. Make efforts to solve problems by discussing them. It’s ok to agree to disagree, but do it without the fight.

Melba Lee

Pine Bluff