Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

On January 26, The Commercial had a letter to the editor from Lisa Grigg entitled “Call for responsible pet ownership.”

Responsible pet ownership is not always easy. When I was a senior in high school, I could either adopt a stray dog or go the the senior prom. The dog needed medical care and my family could not afford both. The prom or vet? I kept the dog and took a lot of heat from the school.

The dog was starving when I got him so everyone would offer him food. So he became “Moochie.” Moochie paid me back by saving my 5-year-old brother from drowning in a pond. Moochie took care of the neighbors and helped put robbers in jail. When Moochie died, we had a public funeral. Now Moochie comes back in spirit.

I stepped between a German shepherd that attacked a 4-year-old. I saved the boy, but I received a bruised kidney and scars. Later my son joined the Army and trained German sheperds that save our troops and protect our families.

When I was at Walmart, a man had a large bag of dog food trying to put it in his truck. The bag tore and the dog food spilled out. Walmart was going to trash it, but I scooped it up with my hands and took it to the animal shelter. I thought of Moochie.

Now, I am sewing for the dogs at the shelter. I make mats with old lawn cushions for the dogs to lay on instead of cold cement.

I wanted Lisa Grigg to hear my story. I thought it would give her a smile. Not many miss a prom for a stray dog. I have no idea what is next, but Moochie will be back.

Margery Rittenhouse

Pine Bluff