Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

I send you this e-mail in hopes that you would consider it for publication. My name is Bill Kelly, a resident of Pine Bluff.

I have noticed that there seems to be a heavy cloud of hopelessness looming over this city. I once heard someone describe Pine Bluff as “oppressing and depressing, full of despair,” and I can’t help but think this could not be truer for the homeless community.

This is why I believe that the Holy Spirit is leading me to establish a Christ-centered homeless shelter here in Pine Bluff. People need to have hope, and that hope is in Christ. While there are other shelters in the city, there needs to be a shelter that addresses the causes of homelessness and builds solutions for the homeless to be able to regain housing and jobs so that they can become productive members of society.

Along with these needs needing to be met, there needs to be spiritual guidance, compassion, love, and understanding, not solely to the homeless, but to all residents of Pine Bluff. I understand that God fills the needs of His people, and that people need to be made aware of the needs of others in order for the Holy Spirit to move in them and place it on their hearts to assist. The following is a list of “immediate needs’ and later needs.” “Later needs” are needs once the building is acquired. Our immediate need is for a building for a shelter. Other needs are as follows:


Vehicle (mini-van/passenger van)

Grant writers

Tradesmen (carpentry, pluming, etc.) Secondary Needs Furnishing: Beds, dressers, desk, cookware etc.

General housewares

If you wish to donate or help please contact me. God bless.

Bill Kelly


Pine Bluff

Pine Bluff