Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

In “One Black Man’s View” the 99%ers, are on target, the Wall Street Protests need to be taking place. We should all be in solidarity with this movement, which is occurring now in all 50 states. Protesting the greed, which is occurring on Wall Street in general, and in corporate America in particular. We need to protest a system that continue to allow the rich to continue to get richer and the poor to continue to get poorer. We need to protest a system of government that continue to allow “outsourcing” of jobs to other countries to occur, to take advantage of cheap labor.

The bible tells us in I Timothy 6:10, that the love of money is the root of all evil. American’s capitalistic system is being exploited for evil purposes, by many in corporate America and by some greedy Politicians, is what is bad about America.

The 9 year war in Iraq, which has ended thank God, is in my view an example of money that was used for an evil purpose, where over 800 billion was spent, over 4,400 unnecessary lives lost, over 30,000 injuries. A war that was started based on outright lies and deceptions. A war in my view was started to gain control of the oil fields in Iraq. A war that some profited greatly from.

Rich Oil Company being on corporate welfare, while continuing to make record profits, points again to (the love of money).

George W. Bush’s Tax cuts for the rich, points again to the level of greed that is occurring in America.

Let the “Wall Street Protests” continue, “til justice run down as waters, and righteousness as mighty stream”, Amos 5:24

Milton Jenkins

Pine Bluff