Editor, Pine Bluff Commercial:

Editor, Pine Bluff Commercial:

I fail to see how telling the simple truth about two men killed at Benghazi is “disparaging” them. I did not in any way say they had not had exemplary records as “Navy SEALS.” I did say , and the record reflects they were not Navy Seals at the time of the incident , but were contractors with the CIA.

They were NOT under military command at the time.

Would an active duty Navy SEAL, or any other combat team member violate his orders from superior commanders? I don’t know of any that would and not expect to answer for it. If you are not where you are supposed to be by orders given, how are you to be aided in trouble?

As to what difference it makes: Do not all who serve our country in military or other dangerous areas do it with the full realization that it can cost us our lives? How about the deaths in the Iraq war we were deceived in to starting? Are bombs in Iraq any less deadly than in Benghazi? Or is only significant if one wants a political assault weapon?

Mr. Soffer, you have a great deal of effrontery to suggest I “probably never wore the uniform”! Serial #RA19602291, 71st, Antiaircraft Artillery. Time spent in Kue Army Hospital at Kue, Okinawa in 1959. Honorably discharged with no record of disciplinary action off any sort.

I have no problem with truthful and proven reports of any kind on any one.

Half truths, distortion of facts, unproven accusations and slurs I have a big problem with. You may refer to me as “pathetic” if you like. I have my opinions of folks who will distort information to serve their own political agendas and write assumptions about folks they’ve never met or known at all.

Karl Hansen