Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

I will endeavor once more to tell the readership what I feel has not been clarified before in this paper by anyone else.

1. Open enrollment charter schools provide NO transportation of students. That being the case , a single parent that cannot afford a car and who resides a good distance from one has no access for her child.

2. Common sense tells me that most at-risk children come from such homes.They are the very ones who are supposed to benefit most from charter schools. Open enrollment is meaningless if you can’t get there.

3. A logical presumption also would be that a good number of such kids lack parental motivation and discipline in such homes. My suspicion is that they are not regarded by the powers that be as suitable candidates for slots in those ” superior ” charter schools. Those in charge do not want those problem kids in their classes.

4.If the concerns of the charter school promoters were actually that all kids have access to the best schooling opportunities they’d long ago have corrected this disparity of opportunity for the marginalized among us.

5.It has long been an aim of many ” conservative ” groups to eventually shut down public schools and thus to shut down unions in the teaching profession. In the long view , they could then privatize

education for profit and the even more coveted ability to teach their religion on the taxpayer’s dime. They could then sneak in a little political indoctrination as well.

6. Education and hard work coupled with self respect and self responsibility has long been the only route to success and upward mobility. This is true for all people of any race or ethnicity. There has never been , is not , and never will be sucxh a thing as a free lunch in this world. You can take that for the fact that it has been proven to be over the ages. BUT equal OPPORTUNITY should always be afforded to all people in our nation , in education especially!

Karl Hansen