Editor, The Commercial

Editor, The Commercial

Thereís a lot to be said about an all-school reunion. Itís a great time to renew old friendships, to visit with former teachers and other staff, to laugh at ourselves while thumbing through old yearbooks, and to recall solemnly the happenings of

days gone by.

And so it was for the attendees of the Townsend Park All-School Reunion, held July 19-22, 2012.

I applaud the committee that worked diligently to see that everything flowed smoothly. There may have been glitches, but

they were insignificant to us alumni and guests.

Most events took place at PJís Event Center. In my humble opinion, aesthetically, there is no place in Arkansas that can

compare to the physical plant. Regarding the service, the red carpet (or should I say blue and gold) attention afforded to us

guests, individually and collectively, made us feel worthy of the royal treatment we received. The staff catered to our every whim and did it with a smile. As the committee considers a venue for the next reunion, please strongly consider PJís!

I look forward to the next reunion and I encourage those who have never attended to attend just one. I guarantee that you will be hooked! And should we gather again in the year 1215, the class of 1965 will be celebrating 50 years! I hope to see All members of the greatest class ever!

Deloris Pickens Massey

Class of 1965