Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

It is disappointing to read letters from Barbara Muhammad. In her latest letter she suggests that Stu Soffer deserves a nomination for racist of the year. Her allegations that Mr. Soffer or Mayor Debe Hollingsworth are racist are unfounded. She seems to be of the mindset that because someone white was appointed as police chief by a white mayor, even on an interim basis, it must be a racist act, but having a black interim chief appointed by a black mayor was perfectly normal.

Mayor Hollingsworth stated when she hired Jeff Hubanks that she wanted someone she could trust. That sentence alone sums up why the former police chief was fired. The mayor obviously knows Mr. Hubanks and feels comfortable with him in that position while her administration searches for a candidate to fill that position permanently. The previous administration desired for the mayor to have the power to hire and fire the chiefs, so if anyone is to blame for the former chief’s firing, it is the former mayor.

The former police chief was hired and fired because of policies put in place by the previous administration. Ms. Blunt Muhammad, I am also confused at your use of names. When you write something positive, which is rare, you sign as Barbara Blunt. However, your normal negative ramblings are signed Barbara Blunt Muhammad.

Perhaps Ms. Muhammad should refer to the teachings and preachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who encouraged everyone to judge others not by the color of their skin but rather by the CHARACTER of their person. How are we as a society supposed to move forward from our past and live by this guidance when people like you are fighting to keep racism alive? The truth will always prevail.

Brandon Carter

White Hall