To Editor, The Commercial:

To Editor, The Commercial:

A local minister recently exhorts the city’s ministers to “take a stand” on crime prevention. Good advice of course, as it went.

Remember pastor, that as the twig grows up bent, so is the tree! These young and older criminals were allowed to become that by parents who did NOT do the job as they should have. There are exceptions, but not many.

The miscreants are not and will not likely be sitting in your church pews. A bit LATE now to preach to them.

What you can do now is teach folks who have children not to wait until they are half grown to start raising them. Discipline and punishment are two different things. Discipline is the lessons you teach and the example you set daily before them. Punishment is what should result when they will not obey and should consist of only those measures that will obtain compliance. No more that that.

Teach your young men to respect the women among us. If a man impregnates a lady he should have been taught it is his responsibility to help support and raise that child to maturity. Not that he should boastfully abandon them for the tax paying public to support and deal with their problems.

Ministry of a responsible sort starts with teaching parents to be real and responsible people who do the hard and often thankless job of parenting well and with consistency.

When you don’t raise criminals in your households or tolerate them in your neighborhoods, they will become the exceptions and rarely resort to criminality.

Karl Hansen