Editor, The Commercial:

Editor, The Commercial:

In November, Pine Bluff will have the opportunity to vote for a new mayor. We hope on this day, Pine Bluff will vote for Debe Hollingsworth.

We write this letter as 15-year-old twin brothers who have had the opportunity to experience her leadership and Christian character. In the summer of 2011, we took a medical mission trip with Mrs. Hollingsworth and First United Methodist Church to Honduras. Mrs. Hollingsworth has organized and led this trip for years. We were

amazed at her ability to deal with the problems the communities in Honduras faced and her ability to quickly navigate to

solutions. We felt safe under her leadership while traveling around Honduras providing medical care and support to a children’s orphanage.

Mrs. Hollingsworth is devoted to God, her family and the community. During just one week in Honduras we helped hundreds of people. She has done this each year for over a decade. Just think of the thousands of people she has helped bring care to over her decade of service to others! Now she has chosen to focus that same dedication and serving heart to the community of Pine Bluff.

Not only is she a devoted Christian and hard worker, Mrs. Hollingsworth has taught us how to be better citizens of the

community. She served as our mentor during Boy Scout projects involving the community and city council meetings this last year.

She was involved, committed and determined to help make positive changes for the community of Pine Bluff.

Mrs. Hollingsworth is dependable, smart, gracious and leads with a Christian heart. She gives us hope about the future of Pine Bluff. If these are the qualities you seek in a mayor, then VOTE Debe Hollingsworth for Mayor of Pine Bluff in November!

Cody and Jacob Andersen

Pine Bluff